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Usability Tests & User Research


User Friendly Web Design provides many user research services to improve the user experience of your products. We can test your product to gain valuable insight and provide a video of your customers using your products.

I'll analyze your products and even business model to create the test cases, obtain testers, and deliver a video revealing the results of the test. I can stop there and let your team take it from there or I can also provide the recommend changes and even make the actual updates on your website if you'd like.

Testers can be participants from our large user panel, specifying demographics to screen for your target audience or your actual customers, even visitors right from your own website.


What Can we Test?

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Shopping Carts
  • Registration Processes
  • Email Communications
  • Your Competitors


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If your looking for a creative problem solver who can design and improve the transaction rates of your products If your looking for a creative person that can design and improve your transaction rates


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